Programs at Niibi

For Anishinaabe people, culturally-based programs are the foundation of preserving our traditions and well-being, playing a critical role in healing from historical trauma and planning our Indigenous future. The Niibi Center reflects this approach through:

Cultural Programs that Educate and Empower Anishinaabe Nations, providing Resources, committing to Research on Niibi and Manoomin, and offering Opportunities for Traditional Language Learning.

Ayaanikeshkaagewaad Language Revitalization

Language revitalization and teaching are critical elements of cultural survival and community resilience, promoting and empowering not only language learning but enhancing cultural wisdom and indigenous knowledge.  Language and cultural revitalization are central to protecting niibi and manoomin.

Program Details about Ayaanikeshkaagewaad Language Revitalization
Rights of Nature

Through the Rights of Nature Institute, the Niibi Center provides education, resources, guidance, and strategic convenings for the governments of sovereign, Woodlands tribal nations. The Program Director, Terry Janis (MA, JD; Sicangu Lakota), is a lawyer with experience working with Indian law and treaty rights.

Program Details about Rights of Nature
Traditional Women’s Gatherings

Anishinaabe women hold a sacred responsibility for the protection of water, sharing teachings, conducting traditional ceremonies, and providing leadership for public advocacy to ensure that we collectively care for water in keeping with prophecies.

Program Details about Traditional Women’s Gatherings
Historical Trauma Healing

Healing and processing historical trauma, including forced removal of children to boarding schools, is crucial for Anishinaabe people in moving forward and thriving. The Niibi Center’s Historical Healing work focuses on supporting tribal people in sharing and processing their stories around boarding schools, forced removal, land loss and other historical traumas caused by colonization in order to facilitate greater health in our communities.

Program Details about Historical Trauma Healing
Water Protector Support Network

The WPSN aims to support water protectors and land defenders who have participated in front-line work against oil and gas infrastructure through a monthly support group. Our goal is to provide a network of relationships and resources to heal from trauma, as well as to continue building healthy communities.

Program Details about Water Protector Support Network