Ayaanikeshkaagewaad Language Revitalization


Contact Person

Kim Anderson
Email: kim.anderson@niibicenter.org

Ayaanikeshkaagewaad Language Revitalization

Program Overview

Language revitalization and teaching are critical elements of cultural survival and community resilience, promoting and empowering not only language learning but enhancing cultural wisdom and indigenous knowledge.  Language and cultural revitalization are central to protecting niibi and manoomin.

People We Serve

Our current language revitalization program is focused on training the educators needed for a family/home-based language immersion school on the White Earth reservation. Ultimately these language teachers will go out and train other teachers, as well as teach Ojibwemowin to many White Earth and other Anishinaabe peoples. One long-term goal is to be a model program for other tribes to develop language immersion schools.

Program Activities

Much of the traditional teachings around niibi and manoomin are grounded in the Ojibwe language. Language preservation and teaching are critical elements of cultural survival and community resilience and are central to protecting niibi and manoomin. Led by Biidaabanikwe (Kim) Anderson (MA, White Earth), the Niibi Center’s language programs focus on the development of archives, resources, and community-based learning opportunities.

Ayaanikeshkaagewaad (meaning “the next ones in succession”) is a recently launched project of the Niibi Center. Ayaanikeshkaagewaad seeks to take a new approach to revitalizing Anishinaabe culture and language on White Earth. It seeks to increase the number of proficient Ojibwemowin speakers by creating a sustainable, home based language immersion program for Anishinaabe families on White Earth Reservation and ultimately providing a model for use across the Woodlands.

Source of Funds

Ayaanikeshkaagewaad is supported by funds from the Blandin Foundation, with general operations funds coming from Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Headwaters Foundation. The Niibi Center was recently awarded both a grant through the Equation Campaign, and funding through the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, to continue expanding our language training program.

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