Updates on Line 3 Damage from Waadookawaad Amikwag – Friends of the Beaver

Many environmental activists, scientists, water protectors and Tribes warned about the possible damage that Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline could wreak on the delicate watersheds and ecosystems of northern Minnesota. Line 3 traversed over 300 miles across the state and ran pipeline through and under at least 22 rivers and dozens of wetlands. In the process of construction, Enbridge had numerous frack-outs and aquifer breaches, only a handful of which have been reported to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and other environmental protection groups.

It has been left up to the dedication and passion of citizen water protectors to continue monitoring the consequences of the Line 3 pipeline after it’s completion in October of 2021. What they have discovered is truly disheartening. Upwards of 50 aquifer breaches have been detected through the use of infrared drone technology and on-ground observation, along with other types of damage to delicate wetlands and watersheds. The following videos give a comprehensive overview of the work of some of these citizen water protectors in monitoring the continued environmental degradation from Enbridge’s Line 3 (now Line 93) construction.

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